Horizon House Publications and Microwave Journal China are pleased to announce that EDI CON 2015, taking place April 14-16, has expanded into a second exhibition hall, opening up new premier booth spaces at the China National Convention Center (CNCC) in Beijing. Previously occupying only Hall A on the fouth floor of the CNCC, EDI CON has expanded into Hall B taking the entire fourth floor for the exhibition due to high demand for booth space. The event layout is ideal for this industry driven event with conference rooms on one side of the exhibition hall and registration on the other side, making it convenient for delegates to attend both the conference and exhibition.

The expansion opens up some prime booth locations on the conference room side of the exhibition hall for both large and small companies. Exhibitors can choose from a range of booth sizes and packages that can include commercial technical sessions or workshops to maximize lead generation and brand exposure. A new row of mini-booths has also been added for small local companies to participate in the event at an affordable price point. President of Horizon House, Ivar Bazzy, commented, “EDI CON has grown into a world class RF/microwave, EMC/EMI and high-speed digital design conference and exhibition, and this expansion has created many new opportunities for companies to exhibit and is an ideal layout for attending delegates.”


EDI CON is an industry-driven conference/exhibition targeting RF, microwave, EMC/EMI and high-speed digital design engineers and system integrators developing products for today's communication, computing, RFID, wireless, navigation, aerospace and related markets. The technical program and exhibition includes the leading international RFIC, component and material manufacturers, semiconductor foundries, EDA software and test equipment/solution providers. This year’s conference features the most recent trends in high-frequency electronics and wireless communication technology, addressing all aspects of design, simulation and test verification through an understanding of system requirements for wireless communication networks such as small cell infrastructure, SATCOM and microwave backhaul.

About Horizon House

Horizon House is an experienced and well-established organizer of targeted events, including European Microwave Week (EuMW) on behalf of the European Microwave Association (EuMA), and several major microwave related conferences/exhibitions such as the RF/Microwave, M2M and Microwave Backhaul Zones at CTIA.

Microwave Journal China, a Horizon House Publication and sister magazine of Microwave Journal, will actively promote and publicize EDI CON 2015 to local engineers, technology companies and academia, while also providing input from, and a link to, the wider high speed, high frequency, RF and microwave community.

For information on the conference program, ongoing updates and major announcements for EDI CON 2015, visit: www.EDICONCHINA.com.


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