Field-programmable Gate Array
The model A42MX09 single-chip field-programmable gate array is designed for high speed applications in telecommunications and networking markets. The device features a clock-to-out speed of 5.6 ns, mixed 5 to 3.3 V operation and utilizes the company’s nonvolatile antifuse technology. Price: starts at $5.90 for production quantities.
Actel Corp.,
Sunnyvale, CA
(408) 739-1010.

1 A Voltage Regulators
The model LM317 adjustable positive regulator, model LM337 adjustable negative regulator and model LM340 fixed 5 V regulator are offered in a true surface-mount SOT-223 power package that occupies 30 percent less PCB space. The all-copper leadframe replaces less effective alloy and achieves a junction-to-case thermal impedance rating of 51°C per watt. The LM317 power regulator delivers a guaranteed two percent output voltage tolerance and is adjustable down to 1.2 V. The LM337 regulator features an output voltage range of –1.2 to –37 V. The LM340 regulator features an output voltage tolerance of +/-4 percent at 25°C. Prices: start at 33¢ each (1000).
National Semiconductor Corp.,
Santa Clara, CA
(408) 721-5000.

0.9 V Bipolar Timer
The model ZSCT1555 single-cell bipolar timer (a variant of the model 555 timer) is designed for lower power, lower voltage portable applications with operation guaranteed down to 0.9 V. The timer is capable of working at subvolt levels with a supply current of 75 and 140 mA at 1.5 and 5 V, respectively. Improvements over previous designs include increased sink current specification, improved thermal performance and temperature coefficients, and a wide operating temperature range that makes the unit compatible with a wide variety of battery chemistries. The timer is offered in an eight-pin DIL or SO package. Delivery: 15 weeks. Price: 67¢ each (10,000).
Zetex Inc.,
Commack, NY
(516) 543-7100.