Radar-absorbing Materials
These microwave materials are available with value-added features, including die-cut parts, ground planes and peel-and-stick adhesive backing to assist in manufacturing assembly. The products operate from 0.7 to 18 GHz and are either urethane-based, silicon-based, lossy foam or broadband absorber solutions.
ARC Technologies Inc.,
Amesbury, MA
(978) 388-2993

Passive Dehydrators
The models RCD™-1 and RCD™-2 passive dehydrators keep system volumes of up to one cubic foot dry, thus preventing corrosion. The units do not require electric power and, therefore, are suited for fixed, portable and mobile station applications that have limited or no power availability. The models use an inert desiccant blend that changes color to indicate the need for regeneration or replacement (typically every 18 months). The systems do not desiccate with corrosive water-soluble salts. Prices: $53 and $63 for the models RCD-1 and RCD-2, respectively. Delivery: stock to four weeks.
Environmental Technology Inc.,
South Bend, IN
(219) 233-1202.

Silicone Press Pad Material
The PORON HT-1510 series material is designed to manufacture press pads for flexible circuit laminating. The material is a fiberglass-reinforced calendered silicone rubber that distributes pressure evenly without harm to delicate laminates due to a fiberglass cloth reinforcement that is encased between the two layers of silicone rubber. The material is formulated to withstand longer cycles of high temperature and pressure without reversion or weeping for longer life.
Rogers Corp., High Performance Elastomers Division,
Rogers, CT
(800) 237-2068 or (847) 640-0800.

Tape System
The GreenTape™ materials system based on alumina-filled glass is designed for ease of processing and cofired silver compatibility. The materials exhibit attenuation less than 0.25 dB per inch in the 1 to 23 GHz range. The new low loss, low temperature cofired tape system is compatible with silver-based internal conductors and is well suited for cost-effective volume manufacture of high density interconnects and RF modules for wireless applications.
DuPont Co., Microcircuit Materials,
Wilmington, DE
(800) 284-3382.