Low Voltage CMOS Logic Devices
The MC74LVX series 3 V CMOS logic devices with 5 V tolerant inputs allow designers to mix 3 and 5 V devices in their designs without additional protection circuits. The units utilize a 0.8 mm CMOS technology process for fast, low noise and low cost operation. The devices' low power consumption (Icc = 4 mA at 25°C) lengthens battery life and low noise (Vopl = 0.5 V (typ)) allows the circuit designer to design with less worry about system noise. High speed (4.7 ns (typ) at Vcc = 3.3 V) suits the devices for telecom and portable applications. The units' high reliability and long life fill the requirements for industrial, telecom and computer applications. Prices: start at 18¢ (5000). Delivery: four to eight weeks.
Motorola, Semiconductor Products Sector,
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 732-2852.