Radiated and Conducted Immunity Testing Software
The model SW1003 radiated and conducted immunity testing software meets IEC 1000-4-3 and 4-6 specifications and features automated calibration, testing and report generation. In addition, thresholding and closed-loop leveling for precompliance equipment investigation to IEC 801-3 or MIL STD 461 are offered. All test parameters are user selectable and include manual or automatic probe, antenna and equipment-under-test (EUT) turntable positioning for radiated immunity testing. The software runs stand alone under Windows '95 or 3.1. Minimum hardware requirements include a 486 central processing unit with coprocessor and 16 MB of random access memory (RAM). Eight digital or 16 analog channels of EUT data can be collected, and an additional eight digital lines are available for EUT reset or control.
Amplifier Research,
Souderton, PA
(800) 933-8181.

Compact Waveguide Component Software
The WGCER software features high dielectric constant, high Q temperature-stable ceramic block compact waveguide components that include bandpass, bandstop and lowpass filters and diplexers (propagating and evanescent mode), hybrids and power dividers. All components are surface mountable. The usable frequency range is 400 MHz to 5 GHz.
Polar Waves Consulting,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
(306) 934-6688.

Microwave System Planning Software
This microwave system planning software enables rapid and accurate selection of the passive portions of a microwave system. The software facilitates equipment selection and system planning graphically. Selections include terrestrial microwave antennas, waveguide, flex twists, connectors, accessories and pressurization. The point-and-click interface guides the user through system selection and models what-if scenarios. Product compatibility is verified automatically, preventing the design of an incompatible system. The software generates a customized bill of the company's materials necessary for a new or replacement systems. System compatibility is virtually assured by eliminating the possibility of mathematical errors and preventing the ordering of incorrect parts.
Andrew Corp.,
Orland Park, IL
(800) 255-1479, ext. 331.

System-level Modeling and Simulation Software
Version 4.2 of the company's ACOLADE series advanced communication link analysis and design environment software offers a graphical user interface that allows for fast setup of simulation models, interactive monitoring of simulations, and comprehensive display and benchmarking of simulation results. The software supports six new optional libraries, including CDMA, GPS, Global System for Mobile communications, bit true, advanced analysis and RF/analog. It also features an advanced data-flow executive that optimizes transfer of data between model blocks. The software can run simulations an order of magnitude faster than workstation-based software. Price: starts at $3995.
Icucom Corp.,
Troy, NY
(518) 274-7711.

Wafer Probing Software Setup Tool
The pcSetup series setup tool, designed for the company's pcProbe II series wafer probing software, allows for easy prober setup. The tool guides the user through the exact steps required to set up test sequence and ensures the integrity of the test. The unit is a tool bar overlay that allows operating sequences to be set up. Dragging and dropping icons on the toolbar creates actions and steps in the sequence to be performed. A complete edit capability of the sequence is available that includes the standard add, delete and insert functions.
Micromanipulator Co.,
Carson City, NV
(800) 967-2426.

Control and Simulation Toolkit
This control and simulation add-on toolkit simulates, designs, analyzes and optimizes linear and nonlinear control systems for the company's LabVIEW® and BridgeVIEW® application software. The toolkit accelerates system design and reduces development cost for engineers in the automotive, manufacturing and biomedical industries by adding virtual instruments modeled after common symbols and blocks used in control engineering. The toolkit adds predefined control elements (PID, relays and filters) to system development, creating a more efficient environment when modeling systems such as tank fluid level, vehicle suspension and throttle control. Because the toolkit is compatible with the company's data acquisition, instrument control and serial hardware, engineers can develop complete control systems from the same development environment. Price: $1495.
National Instruments,
Austin, TX
(800) 258-7022.

Large-signal Modeling Software
Version 2.0 of the LASIMO® series software facilitates the development of accurate large-signal models by simplifying procedures for the extraction of MESFET and HEMT large-signal models using a PC. The software now allows new models to be incorporated and edited by the user. In addition to simplifying the extraction of key transistor parameters, version 2.0 allows models that are ideally fitted to actual devices to be created. Provisions have been made for 5 DC and 5 capacitance user-defined large-signal models. The software also incorporates the previously supported standard models. It requires a 486 or Pentium® PC with Windows 3.1 or above, and a minimum of 8 MB of RAM. A National Instruments IEEE-488 card is required for data acquisition. The manual and on-line help system include easy-to-follow tutorials to guide the user in handling data acquisition, and small- and large-signal model extraction.
Optotek Ltd.,
Kanata, Ontario, Canada
(800) 361-2911 or (613) 591-0336.

Spurious Analysis CAE Software
The Spurious Analysis Professional '98 series low cost computer-aided engineering (CAE) software is designed to calculate and determine where the theoretical internally and externally generated spurs will occur in single-, dual- and triple-conversion designs. In table format and a spectral plot, the program calculates and displays where the spurs appear and determines which harmonic of the LO or signal contributed to each spur's existence. Spurious frequencies can be viewed instantly at multiple locations of the design. Results can be interacted with conveniently and visualized easily through sorting, data filtering and customizable highlighting settings. Calculation data are exported to a spreadsheet or database, or imported into a word processor for further analysis and reporting. A search option is available to determine the optimal ranges for the fixed LO while holding all other parameters (other than the IF) constant for dual-conversion designs. A phase-locked loop function also is included. The program is available in Widows 3.1 and '95 formats and requires at least 4 MB of RAM. An 80386 or higher microprocessor is required for optimal system operation.
Orion Software International,
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 849-6848.