Advantech Wireless, a privately-held Canadian corporation and manufacturer of satellite, RF equipment and microwave systems announced its SapphireBlu™ series of UltraLinear™ GaN technology based high power amplifiers have empowered the ultra HDTV transmissions of the most viewed sporting event of the year.

Due to the combination of Advantech Wireless ku-band UltraLinear™ GaN based HPAs with Advantech Wireless 13m A-Line antenna in a major DTH uplink system in LATAM, millions of viewers in Latin America and Brazil have been able to follow the transmissions of the biggest sport tournament in Brazil.

“This powerful technology offers unprecedented ground power, linearity and cost savings,” stated David Gelerman, CEO at Advantech Wireless. “For the first time we are able to experience worldwide tournaments and fast moving sporting events produced in 4K Ultra HD. It is an incredible experience that brings the world together and makes us appreciate how close we are. We are very proud of being part of this worldwide achievement and contributed to the successful transmission of the biggest sport event of the year.”

Awarded Teleport Technology of the year 2014 by the World Teleport Association and “Vision Award” as Most Innovative Product of the Year 2013, the SapphireBlu™ series of UltraLinearTM GaN based HPA systems from Advantech Wireless are designed to provide the ultimate in performance and convenience and offers the highest linear power available in the market.  This pioneering technology is so powerful, that it’s possible with them to saturate all transponders of the modern satellite with a single 13 m antenna and a single amplifier per polarization.  These new systems are redundant ready with no external controller required, perfect for single carrier, multi carrier and multi transponder uplinking.