Agilent Technologies

Spectrum Analysis Basics – A Resource Toolkit
Insight into the workings of a spectrum analyzer can help you get the most out of it as a measurement tool. Learn about the fundamentals with Agilent’s most popular and recently updated application note, “Spectrum Analysis Basics”, which is paired with a toolkit of demo videos, web apps, articles and related material.
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Product Catalog
Anapico has released the new product catalog 2014/15 showing its latest releases of RF and microwave signal generators, synthesizers and phase noise analyzers. You will find key features and performance of Anapico’s products ranging up to 26 GHz. The brochure is available directly from Anapico or from one of its authorized representatives.

AR RF/Microwave

New Mobile Device App 
AR RF/Microwave’s new mobile app is available as a free download from Apple iTunes and Google Play. This application is a quick and easy tool to access various content for AR’s products. Home screen icons give you easy access to basic and full product descriptions, app notes, AR’s literature library, YouTube videos, contact information and social media icons. For more detail and to download the app, visit
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AWR Corp

Application Note
AWR Corp., in collaboration with its customer Jose Luis Flores, has added two new application notes to its technical papers library.  These application notes introduce a technique known as auxiliary generator (AG) for nonlinear circuit analysis. AG is useful for broadening the set of solutions that can be reproduced from a harmonic-balance analysis and can help study their stability properties in order to optimize a nonlinear circuit for a desired response.
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Empower RF Systems Inc

“At a Glance” Brochures
Empower RF Systems continues to add to its selection of continuously updated and downloadable “At a Glance” brochures which detail (in separate editions) an overview of the company, recommended products for key markets and new product introductions as they occur. Twelve different documents, organized and consistent in presentation of key information, can be accessed via the website. The “At a Glance” materials are especially useful for engineers, buyers and sales reps.
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The 3D electromagnetic simulation tool, CST STUDIO SUITE®, supports GPU computing in several solvers. The high memory bandwidth and parallel processing abilities of GPU cards mean that GPU computing can provide significant simulation speed advantages over conventional CPU computing. This brochure explains the benefits of GPU computing for the transient solver, integral equation solver and particle-in-cell solver. Find out more at


SATCOM Product Guide
Mini-Circuits has released its new SATCOM product guide in print and for download from its website. This 32-page guide features a full survey of components and assemblies for satellite and earth station systems. With selected products from over 20 different product types to 40 GHz, the guide provides key performance parameters for each product and serves as a handy reference for engineers evaluating parts for their design needs.


RF and Microwave Products
Pasternack’s latest 264 page catalog contains the largest selection of RF and microwave products available for same-day shipping worldwide. Improved features to the catalog include an updated adapter and cable assembly matrix that allows the user to easily identify all available in-series and between-series configurations. Product locators in the connector, adapter and cable assembly sections have also been modified for ease of use. The Pasternack catalog also includes useful reference charts, indexes and a glossary of commonly used RF terms.


RF Switch Matrix Products
SenarioTek’s new catalog features the recently expanded FlexMatrix RF switch matrix family, which delivers off-the-shelf performance from DC up to 40 GHz. FlexMatrix offers test engineers a high performance RF switching capability over the broadest range of standard input and output configurations for applications such as radar, military communications, consumer wireless and signal integrity. To reduce cost of ownership, FlexMatrix products are designed for reliability with a guarantee of up to 10 million switch cycles and a standard three year warranty.


Product Selection Guide
This short form catalog includes a wide variety of surface mount voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) and phase-locked loop synthesizer (PLL) modules ranging from 40 MHz to 15 GHz. A complete listing of all available parts and specifications can be found on the company’s website. Users can also download an electronic version of the product guide online at or contact the company at for a hard copy version.