Ku-band Upconverter
The model AS2570 complete upconverter subsystem is designed to be mounted at the antenna of Ku-band satellite uplink terminals for direct transmission of low rate data. The components that normally would make up the rack-mounted unit have been integrated into one package using the waveguide bandpass transmission filter as its backbone. The L-band input is transposed to Ku-band (14 to 14.5 GHz) with overall conversion gain of 35 dB, which can be voltage controlled over a 30 dB range. Phase noise at 10 kHz offset is –83 dBc/Hz, but this specification can be user determined with the application of an external reference. The reference also determines temperature stability, which is +/-10 ppm over –40° to +70°C (standard). The unit provides sideband rejection of –70 dBc, and harmonics are limited to –25 dBc.
Atlantic Microwave Ltd.,
Braintree, Essex, UK (01376) 550220.

Cell Extender Repeater Products
The model R1900 series over-the-air cell extender repeater products for both code-division multiple access (CDMA) and time-division multiple access (TDMA) systems offer an efficient and economical way to extend base station coverage. The devices provide a channel-selective, high dynamic range, high power solution to cell extension requirements. Standard 2 W CDMA and 5 W TDMA models are available in either single- or dual-channel configurations. Windows-based software allows a remote operator to monitor alarm information and control frequency channel and gain.
Stellex Microwave, formerly Watkins-Johnson Co.,
Palo Alto, CA (800) 951-4401.