Integrated Circuit

Direct-conversion Receiver ICs
The model ZIF100 direct-conversion receiver and the model ZIF600 demodulator and pager synthesizer can interface directly to a FLEX™ one-way decoder IC. The direct-conversion design incorporates on-chip filters, a synthesizer, automatic gain control and automatic frequency control to provide manufacturers with a highly integrated and cost-effective route to FLEX pager receiver design. The ZIF100 allows all channel filtering to be implemented on chip by converting the RF signal from the antenna to baseband frequency in a single step. It also features a 1.25 V reference and a 1 V regulator on chip to bias the LNA circuit and VCO or crystal oscillator. The ZIF600 accepts a high frequency direct VCO input so pagers operating at lower than 330 MHz can be designed with the VCO setup at the actual paging frequency and input directly to the synthesizer.
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