The NEC model NE72118 MESFET delivers power gain performance of 5.5 dB at 12 GHz, making it suitable for use as the oscillator stage in low noise block applications for direct-broadcast satellite receivers. It is housed in a miniature, four-pin SOT-343 plastic surface-mount package and can be ordered in bulk or on tape and reel. Delivery: stock. Price: $1.10 (50,000).
California Eastern Laboratories (CEL),
Santa Clara, CA (408) 988-3500.

High Power Class A Transistor
The model 1920A12 class A transistor is designed for use in high power linear PCS applications and operates from a 25 V supply (the same voltage used with the higher power final amplifier stages). The transistor features a small-signal gain of 10 dB (11 dB typ) along with third-order intermodulation distortion 32 dB below the carrier signal measured with an output power of 12 W PEP. The transistor is designed for broadband applications and is targeted specifically at the 1930 to 1990 MHz frequency band. Gold metallization and high value emitter ballasting ensure high reliability and ruggedness. Delivery: stock to six weeks.
GHz Technology Inc.,
Santa Clara, CA (408) 986-8031.