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Mini-Circuits has developed a new family of DC to 40 GHz, 50 ohm precision fixed attenuators ranging from 3 to 20 dB. Each precision attenuator handles up to 2 W of power with a typical VSWR of 1.2. The family consists of the BW-K3-2W44+ with 3 dB attenuation, BW-K6-2W44+ with 6 dB attenuation, BW-K10-2W44+ with 10 dB attenuation and BW-K20-2W44+ with 20 dB attenuation.

All of the attenuators have passivated stainless steel connectors and are RoHS compliant. The operating and storage temperature is -55° to +100°C. All units
have 2.92 mm female/male connectors. Typical applications include matching, instrumentation and test setups.

Mini-Circuits offers a wide variety of fixed, programmable and voltage variable attenuators. Its surface mount attenuators come in packages as small as 2 × 2 mm with a full line of hi-rel, hermetically sealed ceramic models for the harshest operating conditions. Coaxial connector attenuator models in the lineup offer excellent accuracy, repeatability and rugged construction for power levels from 2 to 100 W. Mini-Circuits’ programmable and voltage variable attenuators provide accurate control with flat performance from DC to 7 GHz over frequency ranges as wide as 4 GHz. All models are available off the shelf for immediate delivery.

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