Omnidirectional Antenna
The model S8964B omnidirectional antenna provides broadband transmission and reception of linearly polarized signals in the 896 to 960 MHz frequency band. The antenna provides good RF performance and coverage for trunking, alarm systems and telemetry applications. The antenna construction features a durable fiberglass radome to withstand harsh weather environments, and a plated copper laminated radiator to achieve high reliability, promoting a long life. The antenna has a 4 dBd gain with a nominal 25° x 64° half-power beamwidth and an SWR of less than 1.2 (max) on 50 W impedance. Standard models are white in color and mounting hardware is included.
Cushcraft Corp.,
Manchester, NH (603) 627-7877.

UHF Antenna
The model 5097 UHF antenna features a frequency range of 800 to 3000 MHz, gain of 1.8 dBi (nom), impedance of 50 W , SWR of 1.5 (max), vertical polarization and power handling of 500 W CW. The antenna is constructed of aluminum/brass material with epoxy white paint finish and type N female stainless-steel RF connectors. Weight: approximately 2 lb.
Interad Ltd.,
Gaithersburg, MD (301) 948-7172.

2.4 GHz Omnidirectional Site Antenna
The OD series omnidirectional site antenna offers 12 dBi gain for use in ISM applications at 2.4 GHz. The unit comprises a collinear array with the radiation elements stacked vertically. This design maintains a circular pattern in the horizontal plane and compresses the vertical pattern to achieve higher gain. The free-space antenna can be mounted anywhere without a ground plane. A phasing element cancels undesirable out-of-phase currents, which results in improved bandwidth and minimized minor side lopes.
Mobile Mark,
Schiller Park, IL (800) 648-2800 or (847) 671-6690.

Wideband Transmit Antenna
The model BM-01 wideband transmit antenna is designed to cover frequencies from 25 to 1000 MHz. Measuring only 12" high, the antenna provides omnidirectional coverage in azimuth and a high power bandwidth of between 80° (25 MHz) and 40° (1000 MHz) in elevation. SWR is better than 3.5 across the band and power handling is available in 5, 100 and 1000 W. Gain is better than –20 dB from 25 to 249 MHz and better than 0 dB from 250 to 1000 MHz. Price: $850 for the 100 W unit (1–9).
TMC Design LLC,
Las Cruces, NM (505) 524-4225.

1850 - 1990 MHz Omnidirectional Antennas
The models ASPRM2972, ASPRM2973 and ASPRM2976 omnidirectional antennas provide high conductivity for low loss and highly efficient operation through an end-fed design with integral choke and a broadband matching section. The antennas maintain their original specifications for 3, 4 and 6 dBd applications and function in the 1850 to 1990 MHz range.
Allen Telecom Inc., Antenna Specialists division,
Cleveland, OH (216) 349-8400.