Thick-film Multilayer System
The model QM44 thick-film multilayer system is designed for use in high reliability and cost-sensitive multichip modules, and hybrid interconnect applications. The system consists of a filled crystallizable dielectric composition, and a broad range of compatible interconnect metallizations and thick-film resistors. The unit offers a broad range of standard conductors, such as QM25, QM24, QM14 and 5771.
Wilmington, DE (800) 284-3382

Thermal Management Solutions
The TG series thermally conductive silicone thermal gels, grease and UV-curing formulations improve thermal management in electronic packages by dissipating heat from the packaged device to the attached heat sink. As these materials are applied typically by screen printing, intimate contact is formed between the heat-generating device and the heat sink, providing maximum heat transfer away from the chip. The thermal gels are single-component, screen-printable compositions that exhibit low modulus, good thermal stability and electrical insulating properties, fast curing and a nonstick surface. The UV-curable materials are single-component, thermally conductive interface formulations filled with either aluminum oxide (TG 054AL) or aluminum nitride (TG 054 ALN). Thermal grease formulations also are available with a variety of filler materials, including aluminum nitride (TG 051A), boron nitride (TG 051B) and zinc oxide (TG 051Z). The materials feature a dielectric constant greater than 5 at 1 kHz and dielectric strength greater than 500 V/mil.
Ferro Corp.,
Santa Barbara, CA (805) 968-5000.

Thin-film Substrates
The HF-1000 series patterned, thin-film RF substrates are designed for use with RF filters, couplers, dividers and other high frequency components. The substrates combine sputtered tantalum nitride resistors with a high temperature barrier layer and gold conductors for high reliability. The substrates are fabricated in accordance with MIL-H-38534 and tested to MIL-STD-883. Resistivities are from 100 to 200 W/square, with 1 percent accuracy (typ). Substrate sizes range up to 3" square.
HyComp Inc.,
Marlborough, MA (508) 485-6300.