Digital Microwave Radios
These QAM radios enable video, voice and data transmission across wireless point-to-point microwave communication links from 6 to 11 GHz and at data rates from 4DS1 to DS3. The radios are equipped with a small digital interface unit that fits into a single rack unit.
Advanced Techcom Inc. (ATI),
Wilmington, MA (508) 694-3000.

Cellular/PCN Microwave Radio
The MicroStar® Plus series 38 GHz point-to-point digital mm-wave radio provides a low cost transport solution in urban or suburban environments. The radio is designed to provide cost-effective, reliable and expandable site interconnections for PCS/personal communications network and cellular service providers. The radio features a small, lightweight flat-panel antenna design that is virtually transparent. The unit's ergonomical, nonobtrusive design permits the radio to be installed on a wide variety of buildings and structures.
Harris Corp.,
Redwood Shores, CA (514) 421-8363.