Nutaq, a provider of integrated hardware and software solutions for signal processing applications in mil/aero, wireless, life sciences, and high energy physics, announced that it has been selected by UCLA’s Crump Institute for Medical Imaging to provide the PicoDigitizer 125-32 for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) algorithm development.

“Our goal is to create an algorithm for PET for imaging of small animals. Once the algorithm is developed our group hands the IP to SOFIE-Biosciences and they put a product based on Nutaq's hardware on the market," said Arion Chatziioannou, professor at UCLA in Molecular & Medical Pharmacology.

“The main reason we chose Nutaq products was the availability of the MBDK (Model-Based Design Kit software tools) which allowed us to work together as a team without the need of HDL coding expertise. The reprogrammability of the MBDK gives us enough flexibility for testing which lets us try different algorithms and come back to the starting point without any additional costs, while saving us time as well.”

“We are proud to work with UCLA, and look forward to helping them develop an algorithm which will enable further development and commercialization of PET medical imaging solutions ”, stated Francis Letourneau, VP Sales at Nutaq.

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