13 - 38 GHz Digital Radio

The COMPACT 38 series digital radio is the first in a family of 13 to 38 GHz radios and is suitable for short-haul wireless and PCS/PCN applications in the mm-wave range. The radio is available in both nonprotected and protected system configurations and offers a full range of channel capacities. The unit includes an RF unit (RFU) and features the industry's first front- or rear-accessible digital interface unit (DIU). The RFU is mounted in a rugged, compact aluminum enclosure that contains the transmit and receive modular RF components. The DIU performs all the digital processing functions and system monitoring, requires no adjustment or tuning and features a user-configurable data scrambler that ensures privacy and efficient use of the frequency spectrum.

Advanced TechCom Inc. (ATI), Wilmington, MA (508) 694-3100.


UHF 16 kW Radar Transmitter

The model CPHC447-16000 high power pulse amplifier offers features and capabilities that make it a suitable transmitter for pulsed Doppler radar applications. The unit operates at 449 MHz with 16 kW peak minimum output power. Pulse widths of up to 30 ms and 10 percent maximum duty cycle are typical. Remote operation and diagnostics are possible via an RS-232 control/status interface. Extensive use of redundant RF modules provides a reliable operable transmitter. Operating temperature range is from 10° to 35°C. Prime power is 230 V AC, single phase, 50/60 Hz. Size: 66" x 29" x 32".

Comtech PST Corp., Melville, NY (516) 777-8900.