EADS North America Test and Services, a division of EADS North America Inc., introduces the Racal Instruments™1256L, LXI Switching System.  The company’s switching systems are used to automate functional testing of a wide range of devices, resulting in improved performance for test time, repeatability, and signal fidelity.

The 1256L is a high-performance modular switching and control system in a compact 2U rack-mountable configuration.  It is a successor to the 1256 flagship switching system and is fully compatible with existing Adapt-a-Switch™ plug-in switching and digital I/O modules.  The new1256L offers higher density than its predecessor, with a provision for up to 12 switch and digital I/O cards. 

This LXI Core 2011-compliant device also has a new, highly intuitive, powerful, web-based interface providing easy access to all relay and digital I/O states, system preferences, and non-volatile memory features. Coupled with the advanced scan list features, the triggering facilitates rapid automated measurements with minimal user intervention.

“The 1256L is another example of our continuous product development to address evolving requirements of our customers”, said Jim Mulato, president of EADS North America Test and Services.  “The 1256 has always been very well received by the industry, and with the LXI interface, the SCPI command set, and the legacy compatibility of the 1256L, we aim to retain our customer loyalty by continuing to provide the greatest switch density in a small footprint.”

With industry-leading switch density and the ability to draw upon a wide range of standard Adapt-a-Switch™ plug-ins, the 1256L can easily be configured for use in switching, RF, microwave, high current, high voltage and digital I/O applications.  The 1256L is ideal for use in high channel count and remote control switching applications such as ATE and data acquisition.  The 1256L can be controlled remotely via LXI/ Ethernet, GPIB, and USB interfaces, is easily programmed, and provides any terminal or computer on the user network with access to the full array of its standard features. 

The 1256L was designed and is manufactured in the U.S.A. at EADS North America Test and Services headquarters in Irvine, CA.