TriQuint Semiconductor Inc., a leading RF solutions supplier and technology innovator, announced that its TriConnect® 5 GHz WLAN front-end modules and premium LTE / Wi-Fi coexistence filters are being leveraged by Broadcom Corp. for use in the company's 5G Wi-Fi reference designs. The 5G Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11ac) technology delivers faster throughput, longer operating range and extended battery life for smartphones, tablets and other consumer devices.

Broadcom's 5G Wi-Fi reference designs are widely used by engineers developing next-generation consumer devices. Broadcom's highly integrated combo chips offer a complete dual-band 5G Wi-Fi system with Bluetooth, FM radio and software on a single, compact silicon die. TriQuint’s ultra-small, high-performance RF components deliver the demanding RF performance required to fully realize the speed, range and power saving benefits of 802.11ac, the latest evolution of Wi-Fi.

"We are proud to be strategically aligned with Broadcom, a well-recognized innovator in wireless communications," said Tim Dunn, Vice President of Mobile Devices. "Broadcom and TriQuint are leaders in delivering 802.11ac-based products. We’re enabling gigabit Wi-Fi speeds and solving Wi-Fi/LTE coexistence problems to provide a superior consumer experience."

Analysts expect more than 100 million 802.11ac-enabled devices to ship by the end of 2013, growing to nearly half of all Wi-Fi chipset shipments for the consumer electronics market by 2017, a CAGR of 430%*. TriQuint's TriConnect® WLAN products already have captured multiple design wins with leading smartphone manufacturers. Its TQP887051 5GHz WLAN front-end module has been approved for Broadcom reference design BCM4335, while its LTE / Wi-Fi coexistence filter is included on reference designs BCM4335 and BCM4339.

TriQuint introduced the industry's first 802.11ac-ready module for mobile devices last year. "Since then, we have leveraged TriQuint's advanced in-house technology portfolio, the industry's largest, to develop our next-generation Wi-Fi products," Dunn added. "Our 802.11ac technology expertise also expands our future market opportunity for consumer electronics applications such as in-home video distribution."

To learn more about TriQuint's high-performance TriConnect® WLAN front-end modules and premium 4G / Wi-Fi coexistence filters announced at the 2013 Mobile World Congress, visit or locate TriQuint's distributors, resellers or field sales representatives at

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