According to a Carrier ID survey, carried out by the Satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG) and satellite communications specialist, Newtec, 93 percent of respondents suffer from satellite interference at least once a year, with more than half suffering at least once a month and 17 percent continuously in their day to day operations.

The joint survey has been carried out over the summer, and the full results, from close to 500 respondents will be announced at a free session at IBC on Saturday 14th September from 10:30 am – 12 pm. The session, entitled “Are You Ready to Turn CID On?”, will feature a number of leading industry players, who will share their view on the current and future evolutions of Carrier ID.

The survey also demonstrated that 51 percent of respondents don’t yet know when they will implement Carrier ID. Bearing in mind the recent launch of WBU-ISOG resolutions, relating to the implementation timeframes of Carrier ID, the industry drastically needs to move forward with ensuring widespread implementation.

“We are pleased with the response we have had to the survey showing that people are engaged in the subject,” commented Thomas van den Driessche, Chief Commercial Officer, Newtec. “The topic has moved from talking about satellite interference to taking actions. There are clear signs of the satellite operators and broadcasters going for the necessary steps soon.“

“We are largely comforted by the responses to this survey,” commented Martin Coleman, Executive Director, the Satellite Interference Reduction Group. “Whilst we would of course like to see the number of respondents suffering from interference reduce, we are pleased to see a higher percentage than have already implemented Carrier ID, or plan to do so in the near future.”

The survey results will be available as a booklet to all participants of the session, as well as on request after IBC. To register for the session, please visit