RFMWt1g6001032-sm Ltd. announces design and sales support for the T1G6001032-SM, a ceramic packaged, 10 W peak (P3 dB) power transistor fabricated using TriQuint Semiconductor’s proven Gallium Nitride (GaN) production process.  Offering a broad instantaneous bandwidth afforded from TriQuint’s TQGaN25 process technology, the T1G6001032-SM is rated from DC to 6 GHz.

Mid-band linear gain is >17dB with over 50% efficiency. Operating at 32V with only 50mA of quiescent drain current, the T1G6001032-SM finds applications in commercial and military radar, communication transceivers, avionics and wideband amplifier designs.

TriQuint packages this unmatched transistor in a ceramic, 5x5mm QFN for minimal thermal resistance and ease of use.