New Literature

Relay Catalog

This 112-page catalog describes the company's relays designed for commercial and industrial applications. Technical notes, a relay selection guide and a contact selector chart are provided. Features and general data are listed for over 40 relay types.
American Zettler Inc.,
Aliso Viejo, CA (714) 831-5000.

On-wafer Measurement Application Note

This application note describes the company's 360B and 37XXXA/B series vector network analyzers for on-wafer measurements in research and development, and production environments. Details on obtaining accurate measurement results with the analyzers are provided.
Anritsu Wiltron Co.,
Morgan Hill, CA (408) 778-4061.

mm-wave and Ferrite Product Catalog

This 28-page catalog describes the company's mm-wave and ferrite products, including antennas, attenuators, couplers, frequency meters, isolators, circulators, high power loads, power sensors, digital power display meters, variable phase shifters, tunable short circuits, waveguide terminations, tees and tuners.
Dorado International Corp.,
Seattle, WA (206) 583-0000.

Adhesives for Microelectronic and MCM Devices Brochure

This brochure overviews adhesives for microelectronic and multichip module (MCM) devices for use in aerospace, military, automotive and medical applications. Hermetic packaging specifications that exceed the requirements of MIL STD 883/method 5011, and standard and custom adhesives are detailed.
Epoxy Technology Inc.,
Billerica, MA (800) 227-2201 or (508) 667-3805.

DSP Chip Catalog

This 18-page catalog outlines the company's digital signal processing (DSP) chips, including the crossbar switch, narrow- and wideband tuners, transversal filter, asynchronous resampler and mixer/carrier removal chips. Product features and outline drawings are provided.
Graychip, Palo Alto, CA (415) 323-2955.

Auditing ESD and Clean Room Processes Workbook

This 94-page workbook serves as a step-by-step guide through electrostatic discharge (ESD) processes, including fundamentals and causes. An ESD audit checklist, including management responsibility and design control, and clean room process list, including definitions and design/engineering considerations, are provided.
Integrated Management Resources Inc. (IMR),
Naperville, IL (630) 369-8444.

Network Measurement Catalog

This 52-page catalog highlights network measurement modules, including the company's SmartLinkª series for laboratory-grade measurements that provide accurate measurements to a remote PC or controller, and display/store results for local monitoring and debug. Application examples, a module selection guide and tutorial information are included.
Keithley Instruments Inc.,
Cleveland, OH (800) 552-1115 or (216) 248-0400.

RF Power Amplifier Brochure

This six-page brochure details RF power amplifiers operating from 1 MHz to 2 GHz at a power range of 1 W to 1 kW, including small, ultra-high efficiency amplifiers; full turnkey rack-mount systems; and transmit/receive subsystems. Specifications, schematics and package drawings are provided. Photographs are included.
LCF Enterprises,
Camarillo, CA (805) 388-8454.

PLL Frequency Domain Analysis Application Note

This phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency domain analysis (InterActiveApNoteTM ) software describes the company's MC122XX series low voltage integrated synthesizer/prescaler parts and details the devices' parameters. Designers can view how these parameters perform against an actual circuit condition and evaluate the results immediately.
Motorola, Semiconductor Products Sector, Phoenix, AZ (800) 441-2447.

Periodic Customer Publication

This 24-page publication (The Northrop Grumman Review) includes in-depth articles, including "Navigating the New World of Aerospace," "Advanced Technology for the New Century" and "Technology Roundtable." Department sections discuss news from the aerospace industry, as well as news and recent milestones reached at the company.
Northrop Grumman Corp.,
Los Angeles, CA (310) 553-6262.

Heat Sink Material Selection Guide

This selection guide describes heat sink materials, including copper Tungsten, a nonmagnetic material that offers good thermal and electrical conductivity; copper Molybdenum, which offers lower density solutions with minor compromises in thermal and electrical performance; and SilvarTM , a CuMo-like product.
Polese Company Inc.,
San Diego, CA (619) 271-1993.

Microcontroller and DSP Line Card Brochure

This six-page brochure details the company's Z8¨ microcontrollers, infrared remote controllers, keyboard/mouse controllers, wireless processors, voice-processing device controllers, digital television controllers, discrete DSPs and mass storage devices. Specifications are provided.
Zilog Inc.,
Campbell, CA (408) 370-8000.

Communication and Data Transmission Antenna Brochure

This four-page brochure contains information on communication antennas for land mobile radio, two-way, trunking, cellular, security, RF data collection and transmission applications. The company's background, and manufacturing and engineering capabilities are described.
Cushcraft Corp.,
Manchester, NH (800) 258-3860 or (603) 627-7877.

Oscillator System Brochure

This brochure describes oscillators that meet the challenge of stressful environmental conditions, closely spaced microcells and higher vocoder data rates. Data sheets are included.
Datum Inc., Efratum - Time and Frequency Products Inc.,
Irvine, CA (714) 770-5000.

Forward Error Correction Data Book

This data book contains information on application-specific IC products designed for a variety of wireless communications applications. The model Q1900 Viterbi/Trellis decoder is described. QUALCOMM Inc., ASIC Products,
San Diego, CA (619) 658-5005.