Ethertronics, a leading technology company enabling innovative antenna and RF front end system solutions to deliver the best connected experience, announced that its award-winning EtherBook 1.0™ has been integrated into a new line of ultrabooks, enabling global 3G and 4G (LTE) coverage. Available from a tier one global notebook manufacturer, the new line of ultrabooks utilizes Ethertronics’ EtherBook 1.0, which is the most compact active antenna system that can be integrated inside ultra slim LTE enabled notebooks to support frequencies ranging from 700 to 2700MHz for global operation with a single SKU, without any performance degradation

EtherBook 1.0 leverages Ethertronics’ patented active band switching techniques, which meet LTE’s multiple band coverage challenges from the low 700MHz to 2.7GHz without compromising performance for the user. This is also critical for operators needing to aggregate the spectrum across multiple bands or make the most use of their spectrum holdings to increase the data rate to provide an enhanced user experience. Additionally, band switching techniques allow the smallest physical volume antenna systems to fit in the thinnest consumer devices. Given the limited space available in the display bezel, traditional passive antennas can’t support multiple bands with the required efficiency and suffer from roll off at the band edges leading to compromised performance.

In the case of the new ultrabooks, which feature the ability to easily transition between a tablet and laptop form factor, EtherBook 1.0’s compact size – at just 87mm x 10mm x 1.75mm – enabled the active antenna system to be integrated into the ultrabook’s sleek, ultra-thin display.

“One of the biggest challenges that OEMs and Operators face with 3G/4G devices are their ability to operate across the wide range of spectrum holdings from 700 to 2700MHz as well as a single SKU for global coverage while also delivering the highest performance, coverage, and efficiency levels in the sleekest of designs,” said John Chu, General Manager Taiwan at Ethertronics. “The integration of our EtherBook 1.0 into this new line of ultrabooks is a testament to the active antenna system’s ability to meet these challenges by providing a compact Antenna Front End solution that doesn’t compromise performance or efficiency.”

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