With the Federal Budget under review, major defense contractors across the country await Pentagon decisions that will affect more than a dozen new major weapon systems. A variety of innovative programs are potentially on the chopping blocking including the MEADS anti-missile system, the Navy’s missile-cruiser modernization and the C-27 Joint Cargo Aircraft.

While the Obama administration and Congress continue the debate, Pentagon leadership works to maintain military readiness utilizing existing defense assets, technology and operational support. With several major contracts remaining in limbo, the electronics industry is the beneficiary of an increasing need for replacement parts or enhanced technology to improve current systems.

“With sequestration lingering earlier this year, we saw a significant reduction in the bid solicitation from government sources,” says Julian Andrews, Operations Manager of Coaxial Components Corp., a leading manufacturer of RF microwave components and connectors based in Florida. The 30-year industry veteran is a proud Air Force dad with his eldest son currently deployed to Saudi Arabia with the security forces.  “With sequestration cuts now in place, we’re seeing a growing focus on maintaining or upgrading existing communication and defense systems.”

 Over the past decade many manufacturing companies merged or closed due to the economic downturn, yet Coaxial Components Corp. has found a niche market in the defense industry. During Coaxicom’s 25 years in business, the company’s manufacturing plant in Florida has accumulated a significant inventory of piece parts to rapidly produce and ship RF connectors, attenuators, terminations and other microwave components. Much of this inventory includes critical day-to-day replacement parts utilized throughout the military sector.

Coaxial Components recognized the need for a cross-referencing system to allow purchasing agents to locate items from other manufacturer’s obsolete part numbers. An interactive cross-reference program is available online at Coaxicom.com, minimizing the necessity for extensive research. “Over the years, we have enhanced the performance of many standard components,” says Andrews. “Our in-house manufacturing allows us to react quickly to meet the needs of the military sector, providing superior quality while supporting US manufacturing jobs.”

Coaxial Components Corp specializes in the manufacturing and sales of RF Connectors, attenuators, terminations, adapters and cable assemblies. The company serves Customers in the telecommunications, aerospace, industrial, energy, transportation and military sectors. All Coaxicom connectors conform to applicable Military standards, industry standards and specifications.  For more information or to order a product catalog, visit Coaxicom.com or call 866-Coaxicom. Coaxicom products are also available through our ever growing network of International Representatives and Authorized Stocking Distributors in the USA and abroad.