KCB Solutions, (www.kcbsolutions.com), an ITAR compliant and AS9100 certified microwave design and manufacturing center, is pleased to announce a new suite of SPST through SP6T switches designed to meet high power-handling requirements from 50 to 200 Watts. These switches are available in QFN-style packages and thermally conductive flange-mount packages. As an added feature, they are shipped to order in your choice of a variety of factory-configured ports. Designed and manufactured with PIN diode technology, they are 100 percent RF tested (small signal), have robust carrier construction, and are manufactured with thick deposition thin film traces.

For power levels up to 50 Watts, KCB offers these high power switches in surface mount packages. They offer low-loss performance from DC to 6 GHz and robust construction. They’re ideal for today’s demanding portable military communications.

To address the need for switches that can handle powers in excess of 50 Watts, KCB has developed a flanged-based package. By utilizing an AlN carrier with a CuW sub-mount, the construction of these products offers superior heat spreading which allows for CW incident power levels up to 200 Watts.  This, coupled with larger minimum breakdown voltages, provides the designer with a switch that is ideally suited for higher powered radios, radar and counter IED systems. These models are available in configurations up to SP3T.

KCB offers several off-the-shelf configurations as well as dozens of possible configurations that can be quickly realized using off-the-shelf components.  In addition, the designer can choose from a menu of diodes that provide optimal linearity for the application. 

To learn more about KCB’s high power switches, go to www.kcbsolutions.com/Solutions/Products