EMSCAN isproud to announce the June release of a new RFX2 and RFxpert software release 4.0 to address MIMO testing. This improved RFX2 has the capability of calculating pattern correlation and envelope correlation in multi-antenna systems; these coefficients can be used in calculation of MIMO diversity gain and channel capacity for specific wireless channels. 4.0 release is a major improvement for the RFxpert as it includes a large number of new features including MIMO data, user requested enhancements and substantial accuracy improvements.

“Correlation results in a few seconds will speed up development by engineers working on diversity antennas for MIMO applications like LTE” said Stéphane Attal, CEO of EMSCAN. “These new correlation results complement our existing real-time measurements and display of the very-near-field and far-field characteristics of a multi-antenna system.