Evans Analytical Group LLC (EAG) announced that it has acquired the operations and assets of Applied Microanalysis Labs Inc. (AML).

Founded by Yumin Gao, AML is an independent analytical lab specializing in static and dynamic Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) techniques. Gao, a recognized expert in the analysis of III-V compound semiconductors, has built a highly respected surface analysis business solving materials problems for the semiconductor, data storage and biomaterial industries.

"Gao is a recognized world leader in characterization of III-V semiconductor materials, particularly including GaN-based LED structures," said EAG executive vice president of operations, Mike Edgell. "Gao's proven commitment to excellent customer service, combined with high quality analyses, is an ideal match to the EAG business model. The addition of Gao and his colleagues to the EAG team further strengthens our leadership position in the III-V characterization field, enabling EAG to continue offering improved technical capability and insights to customers in support of both production control and materials development activities. SIMS continues to be a powerful technique for providing high sensitivity quantitative analysis of silicon and compound semiconductor materials. Increased instrument capacity gained through the acquisition of AML further cements EAG's position as the industry leader in SIMS-related analytical services."

“I am excited to be a part of such a formidable team as EAG,” said Gao. “The organization's enthusiasm, available resources and technical expertise is energizing for me. The EAG platform will enable us to expand and more readily serve our III-V customers on a global scale. This union will be good for the customers.”

“Gao has devoted his academic and professional career toward the advancement of characterization technology applications in the III-V compound semiconductor field,” said EAG CEO, Tom Pfeil. “EAG's industry reputation and success are based on that same level of commitment to technical innovation and service excellence from our world-class scientific staff delivering analytical solutions across the broadest range of characterization techniques under one roof. AML is a great addition to EAG and another significant step toward achieving our goal to be the #1 global solution provider for materials characterization needs.”