Pascall Electronics continues to develop its expertise of high performance oscillators and subsystems offering STALO designs from L- to Ku-band for RADAR applications. These will also be manufactured at the company's Isle of Wight facility in the south of England, UK.

These units are designed and constructed to meet the increasing demand for high performance oscillators, where excellent temperature stability combined with very low phase noise are key performance parameters. The performance of Pascall's range of oscillators and oscillator-based subsystems is critical to the demanding application areas these units are designed for. These STALOs will also be available with an optional 'off air' reference input port as well as the integral reference oscillator, based on the recently launched Pascall high performance OCXO, a product that was derived from Pascall's ongoing development of high performance oscillator and receiver subsystems.

An order for STALOs has recently been placed by the UK Met Office to upgrade its network of Weather RADARs.