Aeroflex Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Aeroflex Holding Corp., announced the POCSAG testing option for the 3920 Series Digital Radio Test Set. With this option, the 3920 Series can now be used to verify the operation of POCSAG pagers and paging systems. This option adds the capability of both sending and decoding POCSAG encoded messages to the 3920 Series. “The test engineer and field technician, with this new option on the 3920, have all the tools that they need to verify the operation of POCSAG paging transmitters and receivers,” said Rob Barden, Director of Product Marketing for Aeroflex Wichita. “This option includes all of the capabilities that engineers and technicians expect in a POCSAG testing system.”

With a full set of POCSAG receiver testing tools, the operation includes user control of the modulation deviation, bit rate and the message format. The user can select from a list of pre-defined messages to transmit or they can create their own custom defined messages. The pages can be sent to a user selected radio identification code (RIC) or to a sequence of RIC’s. The user also has full control of the RF frequency and power level, so that receiver sensitivity testing can be performed on any POCSAG receiver.

This option also includes the capability of testing POCSAG transmitters. With the ability to decode the message and measure the modulation parameters, the POCSAG operation provides analysis and operation beyond what is normally included in a test system. The received messages are decoded and logged, with each entry in the log including the message, RIC, FSK deviation and bit rate.

Price and availability

 The POCSAG option for the Aeroflex 3920 Series is a software upgrade that can be performed in the field. Expected delivery is April 2013. For more information about pricing, contact your local Aeroflex sales office by visiting or calling Aeroflex Sales at (800) 835-2352 or