Harris Corp. announced that it has received a $169 M contract from the US Army Communications and Electronics Command (CECOM) for Falcon“ III dual Vehicular Adapter Amplifier systems (VAA). The vehicular system, nomenclatured the AN/ VRC-110, includes the NSA-certified AN/PRC-152(C) handheld radio. “This contract award reaffirms the success of the Falcon III product family and Harris’ ongoing partnership with the US Army. The AN/VRC-110 ensures that our Army customers have the SINCGARS 50 W vehicular radio functionality that they rely on for long range communications and the portability of a handheld that is lighter and easier to carry in tactical, quick-dismount scenarios,” said Dana Mehnert, president, Harris RF Communications Division. “In addition, the AN/PRC-152-based systems can easily be upgraded to provide additional capabilities in the future utilizing the JTRS Software Communications Architecture (SCA) and the Harris™ II programmable encryption module which will facilitate the Army’s transition to JTRS.” The AN/VCR-110 is a fully integrated, high performance multi-band vehicular radio system that includes the AN/PRC-152 SCA-based handheld, a power amplifier and an integrated handheld battery charger. The system provides 50 W output in the VHF (30 to 90 MHz) band — the typical configuration for SINCGARS units in use today — to provide the reliability to close long-range communications links required on the battlefield. In order to facilitate integration with the customer’s existing mobile platforms, Harris designed the AN/VRC-110 radio systems to be compatible with the Army’s existing vehicular mounts and cables. In addition, the AN/VRC-110 provides two antenna ports with automatic switching for true multi-mission capability, as well as built-in collocation filtering for dual installations. Operators need only to select the required net on the radio to switch between ground communications and ground-to-air or SATCOM communications. The first antenna port provides 50 W output from 30 to 90 MHz, while the second antenna port provides VHF high band and UHF operation. The AN/PCR-152 Handheld — the basis for the AN/VRC-110 — provides SINCGARS, Havequick II, VHF/UHF AN & FM and MIL-STD-188-181B UHF SATCOM, which includes ANDVT voice and up to 56 kbps data. It also uses the Harris Sierra II software-programmable encryption module to ensure support of future waveforms.