Microwave Vision has expanded its line of EMF measurement tools with FlashRad, which can accommodate a broad range of EMF frequencies from 900 MHz to 11 GHz. This measurement tool is designed for use in civilian or military airports, or anywhere that communications or radar detection equipment is found, in order to provide personnel with a working environment that complies with current health and safety regulations.

FlashRad automatically triggers sound and flash alarms whenever predetermined thresholds for EMF exposure are exceeded, whether signals are continuous or short-pulsed. The system assists in the rapid execution of safety procedures to avoid the risk of overexposure to personnel.

The FlashRad system is fully configurable by the user who can adjust the alarm trigger level based on the location, regulatory changes, or the requirements of government safety and employment agencies. FlashRad detectors can be installed on building walls or roofs and are resistant to extreme temperatures (-15 °C +50 °C) and humidity (up to 95% humidity). They transmit information to a surveillance PC, which stores the data if the threshold is exceeded and an alarm is triggered.

The new FlashRad solution is designed for the Aerospace and Defense industry, a market where Microwave Vision has had extensive experience and one that accounts for 60 percent of its €50 million in global sales.