Rohde & Schwarz is tapping into new fields of application by introducing two new probe models. The R&S RT-ZS60 active voltage probe is the perfect solution for any task requiring ground-referenced measurements of signal integrity. This includes tests on fast interfaces such as DDR memory modules or general analyses for A&D, research and consumer electronics: The R&S RT-ZS60 is the first compact, ground-referenced 6 GHz probe on the market. The probe scores top marks with its extremely low loading of the test point (1 M Ohm, 0.3 pF) for both DC as well as high frequencies in addition to its minimal noise (2 mV RMS) and high linearity (70 dB THD). The frequency-independent and high dynamic range of +/- 8 V also makes it possible to perform measurements on very fast signals with large amplitudes. In addition, the probe can be used with the optional R&S RT-ZA9 adapter on Rohde & Schwarz signal and spectrum analyzers.  

For automotive, power or medical technology applications, the R&S RT-ZD01 active differential high-voltage probe offers customers the benefits of a selectable measurement range, which provides the ideal dynamic range with its maximum measurement voltage of 1 kV (RMS). The certification for the CAT III safety rating allows measurements all the way to the building installation. For measurements on differential signals, the R&S RT-ZD01 offers extremely high precision thanks to its outstanding common mode rejection ratio of –80 dB. Just like all Rohde & Schwarz probes, this model also ensures very low loading of the test point.  

The R&S RT-ZS60 active ground-referenced voltage probe as well as the R&S RT-ZD01 active differential high-voltage probe are now available from Rohde & Schwarz.