Rockwell Collins, a leader in military Global Positioning System (GPS) solutions, has been selected by the GPS Joint Program Office for full-rate production and delivery of Defense Advanced GPS Receivers (DAGR) over the next eight years, commencing in November 2004. This contract is expected to yield approximately $238 to $338 M in sales for Rockwell Collins. Building upon the company’s highly successful Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver (PLGR), with more than 185,000 units delivered worldwide, the Rockwell Collins DAGR incorporates five times the capabilities and functions of the PLGR while reducing the overall size, weight and power requirements of the receiver. Primarily used by the US Army, the DAGR is expected to become the hand-held standard for GPS position and navigation while providing precise timing to synchronize tactical radios for the US Army’s digital battle space. The receiver includes a graphical user interface, which greatly enhances the soldier’s effectiveness and safety. "Rockwell Collins has developed a highly capable, lightweight receiver that significantly reduces the number of batteries a soldier has to carry and, as a result, is expected to save the government hundreds of millions of dollars," said Greg Churchill, executive vice president and COO of Rockwell Collins Government Systems. Additionally, the DAGR incorporates anti-jam improvement for enhanced protection and is the first US program to include the next generation security device, Selective Availability Anti-spoofing Module (SAASM), for hand-held GPS receivers.