TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. is announcing initial sample availability of two packaged, surface-mount low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) that deliver the lowest noise figure of any integrated, packaged solutions for base station and similar applications.

The new devices are based on the company’s GaAs E-pHEMT process and include the TQP3M9036 that operates from 400 to 1500 MHz with a noise figure of 0.45dB and the TQP3M9037 that operates from 1500 to 2700 MHz with a noise figure of 0.40dB. Both are well suited for infrastructure applications such as cellular base stations, tower-mounted amplifiers (TMAs), small cell wireless networks, repeaters, 700-MHz LTE networks, and emerging wireless systems using “white spaces” in the UHF spectrum.

TriQuint’s new solutions simplify RF design by integrating key functions on-chip and within the package that are typically performed by external components. They also address the growing TDD-LTE market with integrated digital shut-down biasing capability and can deliver high performance from bias voltages of +3 V to +5 V without a negative supply voltage. The biasing network maintains stability over temperature through a current mirror and resistive feedback; it also provides the switching circuit for the digital power-down function. TriQuint’s new LNAs have been optimally configured on-chip to provide the best combination noise figure, linearity and reliability.Both of TriQuint’s new devices are pin-compatible with similar products in the TriQuint portfolio and are housed in industry-standard, RoHS-compliant 2x2mm, 8-lead DFN packages. They are extremely rugged and can block high-power interfering input signals or transmit power leakages greater than +22dBm. The devices are also unconditionally stable to eliminate potential oscillations. The TQP3M9036 and TQP3M9037 are internally matched to 50 ohms and do not require any external matching circuitry for operation.

Technical Details:



400 to 1500 MHz LNA, 0.45dB noise figure, 19dB gain at 900 MHz, +35dBm OIP3 linearity, +20dBm P1dB RF output, +22dBm input overdrive capability, +3 to + 5VDC supply, shut-down capability, 2x2-mm DFN package. Limited samples are now available; production volumes will be available in September 2012.


1.5 to 2.7 GHz LNA, 0.4dB noise figure, 20dB gain at 1900 MHz, +36dBm OIP3 linearity, +21dBm P1dB RF output, +22dBm overdrive capability, +3 to +5VDC supply, shut-down capability, 2x2 mm DFN package.Limited samples are now available; production volumes will be available in September 2012.

Initial samples of TQP3M9036 and TQP3M9037 are currently available and production is expected in September 2012. Contact TriQuint for product details or go to to locate a sales representative or distributor.