Agilent Technologies Inc. announced that ADATA Technology Co.,  a provider of complete memory solutions in Taipei, Taiwan, has selected Agilent’s Advanced Design System (ADS) software for developing memory modules for the high-speed digital market. Using ADS will help ADATA bring products to market faster and reduce costs.

As the speed of data buses goes ever higher, both signal integrity and power integrity become problematic, and traditional development approaches fall short.

“We face tremendous challenges in product development, a prime example of which is our DDR 4 development,” said Evan Sheu, senior manager at ADATA. “As defined by JEDEC, this product features 2133-4266 MT/s as compared to the previous 800-2133 MT/s requirement for DDR 3. On top of the increased requirement, our customers wanted us to provide simulation results prior to evaluating actual product. Plus, we now need a design and test platform to help us evaluate multiple components before they go into mass production.”

ADS is the industry’s leading high-speed, high-frequency electronic design automation software. It solves signal integrity and power integrity challenges using a unique full-wave electromagnetic simulator, called Momentum, to extract accurate S-parameter models. A channel simulator quickly analyzes and characterizes the signal channel, running millions of data bits in just minutes.

The new ADS release further enhances the software’s power-integrity capability for areas such as component optimization for Z-profile/current visualization with component effect/IBIS AMI support. It provides a more complete design flow for high-speed bus/serial link simulation. ADS works with high-speed digital measurement equipment such as the Infiniium 90000 series oscilloscope, J-BERT N4903B high-performance serial BERT and E5071C 20-Ghz ENA network analyzer.

“Agilent provides us with a total solution, including software simulation, hardware measurement, and excellent product and technical support,” said Hunter Wu, vice president of ADATA’s flash storage and marketing group. “With access to this solution, we are able to substantially improve our product develop process to achieve excellent product stability and further improve our competitiveness.”

“We are very pleased to be working with ADATA on its memory module development,” said Tony Chen, Agilent EEsof’s business manager in Taiwan. “I have every confidence that our design and test solutions can help ADATA meet its time-to-market requirements and help reduce costs.”

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