Five-in-One Wireless Connectivity Solutions

Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced the WiLink™ 8.0 product family: a collection of single-chip solutions that integrate up to five different radios and set the stage for next-generation mobile WiFi, GNSS, NFC, Bluetooth® and FM transmit/receive applications. The WiLink 8.0 architecture supports various combinations of these technologies, allowing for customized solutions to address the unique needs and price points of all mobile markets. Each chip variant comes in a compact wafer scale package that can be mounted directly on a PCB, and includes all required RF front ends, a complete power management system and comprehensive coexistence mechanisms. At the system level, the five-radio WiLink 8.0 chip offers a 60 percent cost reduction, 45 percent decrease in size and 30 percent lower power consumption compared to traditional multi-chip offerings.

The WiLink 8.0 family includes highly integrated, five-radio WL189x solutions, tailored for smartphones, tablets, eBooks, ultrathin computing devices and other feature-rich mobile products. The WL187x, WL185x and WL183x solutions provide additional options for higher to mid-tier devices, while the WL180x solutions address lower-cost mobile markets. The product family includes integrated RF front ends for both 2.4 and 5 GHz.

WiLink 8.0 solutions are available for all WiFi throughput ranges, either using 2 × 2 MIMO or SISO 40 MHz. Capable of reaching more than 100 Mbps WiFi TCP throughput on the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, the chips promise the fastest mobile streaming and high-definition mobile video capabilities, including WiFi Direct™ and wireless display – all with low latency, low power consumption, and open source software support. WiLink 8.0 chips with integrated WiFi MIMO yield 25 percent smaller size and 50 percent power savings as compared to other MIMO solutions.

As the first combo chip family to embed a complete NFC controller solution, WiLink 8.0 devices make NFC integration possible on any mobile device. The WiLink 8.0 combo chip with integrated NFC yields a more than 50 percent size reduction as compared to non-combo solutions.

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