TDK company EPCOS, a leading manufacturer of electronic components, modules and systems, and Pulse Electronics, a leading antenna manufacturer, used AWR’s Microwave Office to design indie, a breakthrough technology that answers the challenge from carriers in the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance to develop a single, operator-independent RF platform supporting all NGMN operator frequency bands.

indie, the world’s first operator-independent RF hardware platform for global LTE smartphones enables for the first time global roaming and downlink inter-band carrier aggregation for LTE mobile devices. It is the only high-end platform in the industry that can be used by the majority of operators with the same hardware configuration and no expensive modifications.

indie was designed with AWR’s Microwave Office electronic design automation (EDA) software, which enabled the unique design of a three-feed antenna system and RF front-end module architecture. Microwave Office allowed indie designers to explore alternative design possibilities that resulted in the elimination of the region-specific duplexer matching that is necessary in single-feed architectures, such that universal operator-independent applicability resulted. The full story can be read at .

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