UK Broadband (UKB) has switched on its first 4G TD-LTE system in London using Huawei’s Time Division Long Term Evolution (TD-LTE) solution. Not only is it the first commercial 4G deployment in the UK but also the first TD-LTE 3.5 GHz deployment in the world.

UKB, the UK’s largest holder of 4G spectrum, will operate a wholesale model, working with partners to offer commercial services from May 2012 to businesses, consumers and the public sector. The network will initially cover the Southbank and Borough areas of Southwark, London.

“We’re very excited to be switching on our first TD-LTE system in the UK using our 4G spectrum,” said Nicholas James, UKB’s CEO. “We’re working with Huawei because we believe they have the expertise and experience we need to deliver the best solution.” 

"Utilising Huawei’s equipment, UKB’s spectrum and our combined expertise, the availability of LTE in the UK from today will give a significant boost to the UK’s Government’s broadband agenda,” said Victor Zhang, CEO of Huawei UK. “We are proud to be involved in this project and are dedicated to supporting UKB and the Government to help connect more people to high speed wireless broadband networks.’’

 The network will use UKB’s 124 MHz of spectrum in LTE bands 42 and 43 (3.5 GHz and 3.6 GHz). This allows the deployment of 6 x 20 MHz wide channels that will enable the company to deliver LTE Advanced speeds and enough capacity across the network to deliver Next Generation Access superfast broadband speeds to a large number of users simultaneously.

The first devices, jointly developed by UKB and Huawei, include indoor and outdoor units for high-speed wireless broadband to homes and businesses within the coverage area. Multi-mode mobile devices supporting TD-LTE, FD-LTE and 3G will be available from September 2012.