As a marketing person, you have probably been involved in designing a new website for your company at some time or another. If so, you know how important and challenging it is to ensure your site accurately reflects your company’s brand, serves your customers needs and helps to support your sales and product marketing staff.

These thoughts were in mind as we developed the new MWJ website, only with a slight twist. The customers we target and the sales and product marketing staffs we support are ultimately the same ones you serve. And so, consider this new website as an extension of your own marketing capabilities. Therefore, I’d like to mention a few features that we hope you will take advantage of to better connect with your target audience.

Featured Stories

Not all microwave industry news is alike. Some of it concerns business, some of it concerns new technology or product releases. To help our readers find exactly what they are interested in from the flood of information on the Internet, we put the focus on several of the week’s highlights, segmented by category. From a product/technology perspective, we regularly spotlight news from RFIC/MMIC/Semiconductor vendors under the heading – MMICs & More. Every week, we will look for the most impactful new semiconductor device (PA, LNA, switch, transceiver, mixer, DAC, ADC, etc.) to highlight in our Flash newsletter and on our new homepage. The same goes for new test equipment, EDA software or related news such as the availability of a new video demo, tutorial or workshop.

There are many ways to keep your company in the spotlight, even when product releases are far and few between. Rep appointments, new catalogs, a workshop or participation at a tradeshow are all subjects which can be used to keep your customers informed and keep your company’s name in their mind. We need your news to keep our audience informed, so get writing. The publicity will do you good.

White Papers

Today’s engineers are looking for readily accessible technical information about technologies, products, services and design support that assists them in their job. This information must be technical, educational and relevant to the challenges faced by engineers working to integrate more functionality into shrinking footprints with increasingly short time to market design cycles. Marketers of RF/microwave components are finding greater success connecting with these potential customers by supplying this information in a variety of formats including white papers.

Our new website features a growing collection of these white papers with four to five new papers promoted each month on our homepage, in our print magazine’s table of contents (and white paper house ad) and in the weekly Flash newsletter (four times a month). The taxonomy capabilities of our new site allow us to tag articles and white papers by relevant topics and keywords so that they appear more often alongside related content on our site, benefiting both readers and advertiser. The white paper program is both a brand/thought leadership awareness program and lead generation. Contact your ad rep for information on participating.

 Poll Questions

Our series of monthly poll questions represents a new feature on, which we hope will help engage our audience and allow them to provide their insights and perspectives from the working engineer’s point of view. Every month we will post a new question and share the results from the previous month in our online table of contents (in the print edition). Interested in learning something about the industry directly from our audience?  Send us your polling questions and we’ll ask.