MegaPhase is pleased to announce a new warranty period of one year for all high-performance products, including its GrooveTube® cable assemblies. All MegaPhase high- performance assemblies purchased on or after December 1, 2011 will be covered by this new one-year warranty.

The following high-performance products are covered by this full-year warranty period: GrooveTube® phase defined, low loss through 50 GHz; RF Orange® "lowest cost per measurement" phase stable test cables; MegaPhase® VNA test port extension cables; EMC lab ultra-low loss, armored test cables; SiteLine ultra-rugged "gorilla proof" armored test cables for field testing; T-Vac series for altitude and spacecraft test; Warrior Cable® rugged, stable and "soldier proof" (aka"officer proof") with over 250,000 cables fielded supporting our troops and Allied Forces in OCOs; V-Band phase and amplitude stable test cables through 70 GHz; NextPhase triple shielded, low loss cable assemblies; Phase3 "absolute lowest loss," high-performance cable assemblies.

The following general-purpose cables continue to be supported under our six-month warranty: JumpShot, ClearPath, semi-rigid, conformable, corrugated and RG cable assemblies; also connectors and adapters.