MITEQ Inc’s new Model SYS2H1324N01X, microwave doubler, is ideally suited for local oscillator drive into wideband microwave mixers. This doubler utilizes three internally switchable bands; 13.9 to 16.9, 16.9 to 20.5, and 20.5 to 24.9 GHz. Internal high rejection filters allow for 60 dBc suppression of input related harmonics with respect to the output utilizing the potential of a high dynamic range mixer.

The 13 dBm minimum output power is sufficient for driving most microwave mixers. This model also incorporates an internal voltage sequencing circuit to prevent damage from loss of negative voltage or improper sequencing. This compact 2” (50.8mm) x 4” (101.6mm) x .8” (20.3mm) unit shown above is designed to operate in most commercial and military environments.

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