To foster closer transatlantic collaboration in research and technology, Thales and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in Atlanta, GA, have signed a cooperation agreement in the field of applied electronics research to foster the transfer of knowledge and skills between the two partners.

In late summer 2006, the partners will introduce five PhD programs on topics as varied as air traffic control, radar algorithms and the optimization of complex systems. This initial stage may be followed by more ambitious research projects involving joint research teams.

After developing group research laboratories in France, UK, the Netherlands and Singapore, and forming partnerships with the leading research institutions in these countries, Thales’ new cooperation agreement expresses its determination to deploy research in countries where it has manufacturing operations, especially the US.

“This agreement is part of Thales’ policy of opening up internationally,” said Dominique Vernay, the company’s group VP research and technology. “It exemplifies the two main pillars of the Group’s research strategy: internationalize research and technology activities, and partner with the world’s best public and private research centers. In Georgia Tech we have an outstanding partner who is close to Thales in fields of excellence and international strategy.”