Cost-efficient R&S UPP audio analyzer family reduces measurement times in production environments.

Munich, April 29, 2010 — Rohde & Schwarz is introducing a new family of audio analyzers developed especially for use in production. The R&S UPP200/400/800 analyzers are available in two-, four- or eight-channel versions. Multiple analyzers can be cascaded to test as many as 48 analog measurement channels. Due to the analyzers' time-saving capability to perform parallel measurements on all channels, manufacturers of audio equipment of any type can achieve higher throughput in production. The analyzers' compact size of only two height units saves space in the rack. The eight-channel R&S UPP800 offers a unique price/performance ratio that makes it especially attractive.

Audio analyzers enable manufacturers to carry out the tests required to measure the quality of the audio equipment they produce, including CD players, car radios, mobile phones and hearing aids. The R&S UPP200/400/800 (two/four/eight channels) from Rohde & Schwarz is an analyzer family in the medium price range that helps ensure extremely short measurement times in production where costs are a major concern. Depending on the requirements, up to five slave instruments can be connected to a master via cascading. This system operates like a measuring instrument with a maximum of 48 channels. All the channels of a 16-channel sound system, for example, can be measured in a single step if two eight-channel analyzers are connected. As an alternative, one R&S UPP800 can be used to simultaneously test up to eight single-channel DUTs, which is highly efficient and speeds up production.

Manufacturers who already use the R&S UPV high-end audio analyzer developed by Rohde & Schwarz for R&D applications can run the measurement programs from their R&D work on the new R&S UPP200/400/800. Both instrument types have nearly identical operation and remote control concepts. In addition, test cases from production can be checked by the R&D department, which means optimal collaboration between production and R&D.

Since the R&S UPP200/400/800 analyzers include a built-in computer, all operations run in the base unit and the controller of the test system does not need to be equipped with software to control the analyzer. The compact audio analyzer comes without a graphical user interface. However, users can connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse to create a standalone instrument with an excellent price/performance ratio. As a result, the audio analyzer is also ideal for users with small budgets who wish to perform R&D tasks.

The R&S UPP200/400/800 audio analyzers with two, four or eight channels are now available from Rohde & Schwarz.