filters_oscillatorsNIC’s Crystal Oscillator product line is designed for a variety of applications that need high performance in both environmentally benign and rugged conditions. NIC manufactures TCXOs & VCTCXOs which typically employ a thermistor network to generate a correction voltage which reduces the frequency variation over temperature.

The correction voltage is usually applied to a varactor diode in the crystal circuit such that the crystal frequency may be varied by a small amount. TCXOs & VCTCXOs are preferred in low power applications and when a warm-up period is not acceptable.

The only warm-up time is the time required for the components to reach thermal equilibrium and the total current consumption can be very low - often determined by the output signal power requirements.

  •  VCTCXOs frequency range: 10 MHz - 40 MHz
  •  TCXOs frequency range: 10 MHz - 100 MHz
  •  High Stability
  •  Phase Noise Measurements Available
  •  Military, Space, Commercial Applications
  •  Custom Designs Available

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