AWR's AXIEM™ electromagnetic (EM) software is an industry first to deliver EM analysis as a true upfront design technology. Its speed, capacity and accuracy benefit designers most by helping to diagnose issues early, thereby significantly shortening the design process. The AXIEM product was developed specifically for three-dimensional (3D) planar applications such as RF PCBs and modules, LTCC, MMIC, and RFIC designs.

Features at a Glance

* Seamless integration with Microwave Office® and Analog Office® software
* Proprietary full-wave planar EM solver technology
* Advanced hybrid meshing technology
* Numerous source/excitations including auto-calibrated internal ports
* Parametric studies, optimization, and tuning
* 3D visualization and animation

Feature Highlights

Solver Technology
AXIEM's solution methodology is unique to AWR and a proprietary technique that is best-described as similar to the fast multipole method, yet adapted for full-wave analysis. As such, the AXIEM solver algorithm scales on the order of N log(N) as opposed to N^3.

Meshing Technology
The AXIEM product features an advanced hybrid meshing technology that automatically fractures structures with triangular and rectangular elements and is optimized to maximize accuracy with minimal unknowns.

Design Flow
The AXIEM product can be utilized as a stand-alone EM solver, but a key value of AXIEM, however, lies in its integration into the overall AWR design flow. AXIEM is seamlessly tied to circuit and system simulation, layout, and verification through the proprietary AWR unified data model (UDM).