Synergy Microwave Corporation (Paterson, NJ) introduces a High Performance, HIGH Resolution Synthesizer operating in the range of 5 to 5.3 GHz housed in a small connectorized package measuring only 20cm X 12cm X 3cm. The step size in the 300 MHz operating bandwidth is 1 Hz with maximum phase noise of -105dbc/Hz @ 1kHz, -120dbc/Hz @ 10kHz, -120dbc/Hz @ 100kHz, and -120dbc/Hz @ 1MHz offset. Non-harmonic spurious suppression is -60db typical with RF output power of +10 dBm over the specified operating band. Additional features include support for locking with external GPS 1PPS source for long-term stability and manual field adjustable frequency tuning.

The KHPS500530 supports RS-232, parallel, and SPI programming interfaces and with a +12VDC supply at 1A maximum current in steady state.