Labtech Microwave has many years of proven technical experience in producing a wide range of high quality microwave broadband amplifiers. Core products include low-noise multioctave broadband designs with gains up to 70dB; we also have proven capability in producing circuits for high frequency applications up to Ka band as well as medium power and limiting amplifiers. Foremost amongst Labtech microwave capabilities is for the provision of amplifiers to fill obsolescent, specialist and custom requirements. Typical customisation will include integral limiters, equalizers, detectors, adjustable attenuation and temperature compensation. Designs can also be customised to provide wave guide input, low phase noise and gain matching of units. Devices can be packaged in a hermetic or non-hermetic metal box or can be mounted on carriers suitable for inclusion directly in the customer's application circuitry.

Our amplifier product range:
• Broadband microwave amplifiers 2–6 GHz, 2– 8GHz and 6–18Ghz
• Narrowband low noise amplifiers
• Narrowband TWT driver amplifiers
• 2–18 GHz gain modules

All amplifier modules are built in a purpose built class 10,000 clean room which houses thin film processing, automatic chip & wire assembly; alignment, test and laser welding for hermetic sealing. All components can be environmentally tested and in accordance with mil-std 883.