Run Simulations up to 10X Faster • Reduce simulation run-times from hours to minutes • Optimization of designs is possible when you can run multiple simulations • Determine design problems earlier in the development cycle: save time, reduce risk and unnecessary expense, and get products to market faster Supports Simulation Sizes up to 50 Mcells • Simulations such as filters, circuits, antennas and waveguides, are best targeted at this platform Soft Memory Limit • Simulations that do not fit on a single card will share memory with the host system to allow them to run effectively. Note: The ClusterInABox Dual (D30) system from Acceleware allows up to 100 Mcells to be processed without using Soft Memory, and the ClusterInABox Quad (Q30) system up to 200 Mcells Supports Complex Feature Models • Allows for fast and accurate models of complex simulations • Reliably tested and proven scientific models Compatible with Industry Leading Software Packages • Use your familiar simulation packages • Check list for complete list of supported software applications