Forecaster™ is a GPS-based mapping tool with the use of the BVS Coyote and Gator. It consists of two parts: Projector and Analyzer. Forecaster™ allows Coyote users to plot and view coverage of wireless networks in table or graphical windows with the ability to create HTML reports of base stations/antennae coverage and RF overlap areas. KML overlap reports may also be generated allowing coverage to be viewed using popular programs such as GoogleEarth™. Forecaster™ combines realtime Coyote™ measurements with GPS geo-coding accuracy. Forecaster provides powerful survey functions including: 1. Coverage validation and reliability analysis 2. 2. Base station location estimation 3. 3. Automatic and manual cluster measuring points for analysis · Create GPS geo-coded surveys of any WiMAX, ISM, PCS, GSM, LMR, WCS, ETACS or Cellular network · Plot & view coverage in table or graphical windows · Plot & view measurement data along any drive path · Plot the averaging reliability of measurement data · Cluster measuring points for analysis · Automatically estimate location of a base station · KML reports of coverage over GoogleEarth™ · Works with Coyote's single channel/all scan mode · Works with Panther's fast scan/scan mode · HTML reports show parameters of: · base stations/antennas · coverage of base stations · overlap area of selected base stations