Indosat has awarded Nokia an expansion deal for its Nokia GSM Radio Network, Core network and Cellular Transmission in Indonesia. This agreement will further enhance service coverage, capacity and quality for the Indosat GSM network in East Java, Bali and South Central Java.

As part of the GSM Core network expansion, the company will install its Mobile Switching Centre (MSC) and Home Location Register (HLR) in Surabaya. Nokia will supply a full range of GSM network equipment. As well as the MSC, HLR and GPRS core, the equipment includes the Flexihopper Cellular Transmission, Ultrasite Base Stations and Base Station Controller BSC3i. The UltraSite is able to support GSM/EDGE, High Speed Data, GPRS and WCDMA for 3G technologies.

In addition, Nokia is providing rollout planning and network optimization to enhance the network quality, implementation of both indoor and outdoor solutions, logistics services as well as training to realize the full potential of personnel resources in accordance with technology shifts and market needs.