Rome, Italy, September 29th 2009,Computer Simulation Technology(CST) announces the introduction of an efficient algorithm in CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS) that enables sensitivity analysis for several parameters in a single simulation run.

Optimization is a typical component of any design engineer’s workflow. With the introduction of new global (genetic, particle swarm) and local (Nelder-Mead) optimizers, CST addressed this issue with release 2009 of CST STUDIO SUITE™. With version 2010 CST goes one step further. CST MWS 2010 features a sensitivity analysis algorithm that is capable of evaluating the S-parameter dependencies on various model parameters after a single 3D electromagnetic simulation run. This means that all further evaluations for different model parameter sets can be derived without restarting the full-wave simulation.

The efficiency of this new sensitivity analysis approach now makes Monte-Carlo based yield analysis feasible even for complex three-dimensional structures. This is due to the S-parameter results being available at virtually no additional effort or computational cost.

“The sensitivity of a device’s performance to small parameter variations is a key concern in many design processes,” said Martin Timm, Director of Marketing, CST. “Traditional approaches require multiple 3D simulations to derive the various parameter dependencies. CST’s new sensitivity analysis gives engineers a fast and efficient means of further minimizing design risk.”

Sensitivity analysis will be available with CST MICROWAVE STUDIO version 2010 from January 2010.